The D&B Worldwide Network is an unrivalled alliance of D&B and leading business information providers across the globe.

Through this network customers gain access to worldwide business information, powered by D&B's proprietary DUNSRight™ Quality Process, while benefiting from local expertise and knowledge. These strategic partnerships form a world wide network that represents over 70 countries on 4 continents.

D&B Worldwide

Africa (af)
Argentina (ar)
Australia (au)

Bahrein (bh)
Bangladesh (bd)
Belgium (be)
Bhutan (bt)
Brazil (br)
Brunei (bn)

Cambodja (cb)
Canada (ca)
China (cn)

Denmark (dk)
Germany (de)

Philippines (ph)
Finland (fi)
France (fr)

Greece (gr)
Hong Kong (hk)
Hongary (hu)
Ireland (ie)

India (in)
Indonesia (id)
Iraq (iq)
Iran (ir)
Israel (il)
Italy (it)
Japan (jp)
Yemen (ye)
Jordania (jo)

Koewait (kw)
Korea (kr)

Laos (lo)
Libanon (lb)

Maladives (mv)
Malaysia (my)
Mexico (mx)
Middle-East (me)
Myanmar (mr)

Nepal (np)
New-Zealand (nz)
Norway (no)

Oman (om)
Austria (at)
Eastern-Europe (ee)
East-Timor (et)

Pakistan (pk)
Peru (pe)
Poland (pl)
Portugal (pt)
Qatar (qa)
Russia – GOS (ru)

Saudi-Arabia (su)
Singapore (sg)
Slovenia (ee)
Slovakia (sk)
Spain (es)
Sri Lanka (lk)
Syria (sy)

Taiwan (tw)
Thailand (th)
Czech Republic (cz)

United Kingdom (uk)
Uninted Arab Emirates (ae)
United States (us)
Vietnam (vn)

South-Africa (sa)
South-America (la)
Southern Europe (md)
Sweden (se)
Switzerland (ch)

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