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To be able to make a proper estimate of the opportunities and risks in the market and in your company, it's essential to have an insight into the corporate group structures (i.e. the parent/subsidiary relationships) of your customers, prospects and suppliers.

Corporate group relationships are the current relationships between legal entities in a business structure. The main branches, affiliates, and parent and subsidiary companies in the “family” of companies are looked at together in terms of their relationship to other group members. D&B Corporate Group Relationships is the most complete and reliable source for obtaining an insight into the Dutch and foreign relationships of your business partners, varying from the smallest sole-trader enterprise with a single branch to the largest multinationals with thousands of branches.

Having an insight into these relationships can help you form a complete picture of your total credit risk, identify new sales opportunities, prevent conflict-of-interest situations from arising and negotiate purchase conditions from a better position.

Did you know that...

  • 68% of Dutch private and public limited companies (BVs & NVs) have a corporate group relationship to another company?
  • 47% of those companies have a direct or indirect relationship to another country?
  • globally the top 250 Dutch corporate groups have more than 60,000 corporate group relationships?
  • D&B Corporate Group Relationships includes around 150,000 Dutch and more than 2,250,000 international business structures?

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