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I would like to optimise my tendering process

Would you like to make a selection based on tenders during the prequalification of your tendering process? In that case, having information on the financial situation and the possible risks of the companies is essential for making a well-founded choice about who you want to do business with or otherwise.

Control over a project

This information is also necessary at a later stage in the tendering process for reliably identifying and determining the company that should finally be awarded the contract. You can compile a supplier database on the basis of your own criteria and continuously monitor changes in your suppliers' circumstances. You can award the contract in tendering processes not only based on the quality of the written specifications but also on the risks you have identified using the information from D&B. You retain an overview and control of the entire project. The Wages and Salaries Tax and National Insurance Contributions (Liability of Subcontractors) Act makes your contractors responsible for the rest of the chain, and having an insight into the financial stability of the entire chain ensures your project can be completed without problems.

  • Liability of Subcontractors Act

    Having details on your contractors and who your contractors hire to carry out work helps you identify and control risks in the entire tendering process.

  • Start tendering process

    In the prequalification of your tendering process take into account information on aspects such as financial stability and creditworthiness. This way you avoid awarding a project to a high-risk party.

  • New supplier

    Are you looking for new suppliers? Using the data from D&B you can identify your suppliers and make a selection on the basis of criteria such as financial stability, to limit your risks.

D&B can help you with these products

  • Supplier Risk Manager

    You can stop worrying about supply chain disruptions. Supplier Risk Manager provides the information and tools to monitor your suppliers so you can stay on top of their ability to deliver. It will alert you to unanticipated financial, environmental and political risk – before it impacts your business. Rest easy knowing Dun & Bradstreet has your back.

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