Supply Management

I want to have insight in the risks involved when selecting new suppliers

When you do business with new suppliers or want to compile a shortlist, you will want to be able to identify and assess them to make a well-founded strategic selection. This enables you to avoid losses and assures you of continuity in your supply chain/logistics chain.

Know who you are doing business with

Reliable and up-to-date information is essential in the process of selecting new suppliers. The interests and risks are just too great to simply trust other parties. You can use the information in the D&B database to identify suppliers and determine exactly who you are doing business with. Then you can delineate the associated risks and assess creditworthiness. You can also identify your dependency on each other. This is also important information which you can use in your decision-making when assessing an RFI or RFQ. If you deal with suppliers in other countries, specific country information on economic, socio-political and commercial aspects and the specific risks that are involved in doing business in a country also play a role.

  • Doing business internationally

    Comprehensive trading and country information enables you to evaluate your suppliers properly and thereby clearly delineate all the commercial risks.

  • Start of purchase process

    To make the right strategic choices at the start of a new purchase process, you will want to identify the possible risks per supplier and for the entire process.

  • Order involving risks

    Reliable information on creditworthiness is additionally important when placing an order with an unknown (international) supplier or an order which is crucial for continuity in the logistics chain.

  • Supplier's insolvency

    A supplier's insolvency can have serious consequences both financially and for the continuity of your projects.

D&B can help you with these products

  • Supplier Risk Manager

    You can stop worrying about supply chain disruptions. Supplier Risk Manager provides the information and tools to monitor your suppliers so you can stay on top of their ability to deliver. It will alert you to unanticipated financial, environmental and political risk – before it impacts your business. Rest easy knowing Dun & Bradstreet has your back.

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