ABN AMRO Lease services it’s customers effectively and efficiently with the help of D&B

We want to know our customers, personally but also financially. D&B has helped us gain the financial insights we need to do our work efficiently en effectively.

Fast and effective

Today we use the D&B database to service our customers very fast. When an entrepreneur comes to one of our branch offices, we are able to provide them with a suitable financing solution instantly. In a world where risk policies are becoming increasingly important, this is a very customer centric approach and it receives a lot of applause from our customers.


Quiet and efficient

Today, we also use the D&B database to service our customers in a very efficient way. Over time we, as a trusted and well organized leasing company, need to do revisions on our risk portfolio. This used to take a lot of time, both for our company as for our customers. With the help of D&B, we are able to do this for a large amount of our customers without any effort needed from them. These customers haven’t noticed it, but we have saved them a lot of time. We believe this is the sort of efficiency our customers can expect from us.

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