Is the Euro-zone Crisis Over?

2014 marks the fourth anniversary of the outbreak of the euro-zone crisis. Since 2010, several countries have sought bail-outs from the EU authorities, and on several occasions the euro-zone has looked to have been on the brink of breaking up.

However, since the intervention of the ECB in mid-2012, the euro-zone crisis has gradually subsided, at least in terms of public perceptions. Despite several downside risks to the recovery, D&B believes that the situation in Euroland will continue to improve in 2014-15, but several keys issues still need addressing and monitoring.

Although the recovery will be uneven across countries, and despite several economies still having a long way to go, D&B believes that the worst is over for the euro zone. That said, we still recommend that our customers monitor the situation closely (and frequently) given the existence of external threats (e.g. Ukraine). Moreover, we expect payment and credit risks in Euroland to remain elevated for several more years.

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