Unlock de value of your CRM

D&B360 is a complete, integrated package which will help you to accomplish your CRM goals. Accurate and complete data, improve customer relationships and accelerate the sales cycle.


The chances are your CRM system simply isn’t delivering the results that made you invest in it. The number one reason for underperforming CRMs is poor data quality, due to issues such as data that is inaccurate, duplicated or incomplete. This is where D&B360 lets you take a fresh approach. It addresses your data issues and supplements your data with insight. It also transforms data management from being a burden into an invaluable resource from which Sales and Marketing can reap significant benefits.

Salespeople are often expected to update their CRM, but they want to be selling, not inputting data. What you and your Sales and Marketing teams really need, therefore, is a current, accurate, unified view of your customers and prospects, to help you identify and retain your best customers , find new cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and acquire new customers that are just like the best you already have!

Through Data as a Service (DaaS), D&B360 provides access to the world’s largest platform for real-time D&B data from the cloud.


Keep you data clean and accurate with advanced data management 

With D&B360 you automate cleansing and maintaining your CRM. Duplicate input of business partners will be detected automatically. Keeping your data clean and current isn’t a one-off event. On a daily basis millions of changes are processed in our worldwide database. Without automatic updates you’ll be making decisions on flawed information.

Identify the best leads and build prospect lists

With the automated tools of D&B360 which create targeted prospect lists, your sales and marketing teams can identify companies that are like your best existing customers. This means that your salespeople will have more confidence in the leads being generated by your marketing campaigns.

Improve your relationships and shorten the sales cycle

D&B offers immediate access to the right decision makers and informs your CRM users with relevant industry information, RSS feeds and social media. Your salespeople will have the right insight to discover new opportunities and build better relationships with their contacts.

Discover up and cross sell opportunities in your existing network

With D&B360 you have access to D&B’s worldwide corporate family trees. You can identify immediately the companies you already do business with and which companies you can import as ‘hot prospects’. With additional demographic information up and cross sell opportunities will become obvious.

D&B360 is pre-packaged with Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle/Siebel and SAP CRM solutions for easy deployment. Do you use a different CRM or do you want to integrate D&B data and functionality in other applications or processes? Even then we can support you with one of our API’s.

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More information about this product?

If you would like further details, or wish to arrange an appointment to discuss which options might be interesting for you, please send a message or call us:

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Customer Quotes

  • When we deployed D&B360 we saw a big spike in CRM utilization and the quality of the data in our systems.
    Andrea Jagla, Senior Manager, Sales Operations, F5 Networks
  • Time management is critical for sales productivity. Access to a consolidated view of an account and key contacts right in our CRM is huge.
    Lee House, Vice President of Sales, I.B.I.S.
  • Using the corporate family tree in D&B360 to identify the best new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities in current accounts is a winning strategy.
    Rebecca Rosen, Senior Director, Marketing Communications and Training, TelePacific Communications

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