Supply Management

Insight into your supplier file

Save time and money by strategic purchasing

As the party responsible for purchases, you're constantly on the look out for opportunities to consolidate and make savings. You want a single, clean supplier database and it's extremely important for you to have an idea of the risks in your entire portfolio to guarantee the supply chain.

supply_management_cycleD&B information can help you at every stage of the Supply Management Cycle:

1. Find new suppliers in the D&B database.

2. Qualify and monitor suppliers to obtain an insight into risks.

3. Create a ‘spend cube’ to determine how much you purchase and from which companies.

4. Use the added value of D&B in portals, eProcurement and master data projects.


Control your risks

When you do business with new suppliers or want to compile a shortlist, you will want to be able to identify and assess them to make a well-founded strategic selection. You also want to continue closely monitoring selected suppliers. This enables you to avoid losses and assures you of continuity in your supply chain/logistics chain.

Insight into your supplier file

Supplier databases with poor quality data are a recognised problem. Almost every supplier database contains duplicate, inaccurate and incomplete records. Moreover, many companies use several databases rather than just one. D&B can help you cluster data to produce a single clean ‘vendor master database’. Subsequently enhancing your supplier database with valuable D&B data will give you an insight into your supply chain. It shows precisely what you purchase, who from and the quantities. It's also possible to identify consolidation opportunities based on activity codes or corporate group structures.

D&B helps you to:

  • Achieve savings
  • Reduce the number of suppliers
  • Integrate and cleanse your databases
  • Obtain an insight into the risks in your portfolio 
  • Set up management reports
  • Identify alternative suppliers
  • Optimise a tendering process

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